• digital currency

    Investing in the future of payments, safely

    Central banks around the world are considering introducing a digital currency Private and government-backed organizations around the world are beginning to recognize the benefits of a tokenized economy over the current fractional reserve banking system. The Bank of England, the Sveriges Riksbank, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank are among those investigating the potential of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs). Specifically, the Federal Reserve, which has long said it has no plans to launch a digital currency, plans to build and test a hypothetical design. Fed’s chairman, Jerome Powell, recently gave a warning that «a lot of work» needs to be done before the central bank decides…

  • Investing in an EU regulated fund

    The first regulated investment funds in the world are appearing. Vehicles that allow to invest in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in a conventional way, solving the problems of purchase, custody and justification of the origin of the benefits obtained.

  • ¿What is “Contact Tracing”?

    Contact tracing is a concept in process that has emerged in the context of COVID-19, specifically with the development of deconfinement measures focused on avoiding a new wave of infections. To reinforce user's privacy it has developed applications that use decentralized systems.

  • COVID-19 and technology

    Technology is the key again, since it is essential to help minimize the spread of SARS-CoV, to control possible new outbreaks, and allowing it to be done while respecting the privacy of the population.