Investing in an EU regulated fund

The blockchain has become one of the most disruptive technologies of the century. A concept that has revolutionized many sectors and areas of our day to day, and in which it can also invest. Its popularity is due to its potential properties, among which stand out: distributed and decentralized system, its transparency and security.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is one of the options and economic activities that derive from this technology. It is about the purchase of digital assets that make use of the blockchain. The oldest currency is Bitcoin, although there are currently more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies capitalizing on the market.

The volume of investments in cryptocurrencies has grown in recent years thanks to the guarantee of anonymity and security that they integrate in transactions carried out over the Internet. In addition, it is an accessible investment, since anyone can acquire digital currencies from the popular exchanges (this is the most conventional way of doing it).

However, the purchase of cryptocurrencies on exchanges and their storage, both in virtual and physical wallets, carries a series of risks, the most important of these being to: 

  • Possible loss of keys to access funds. Such loss can translate into direct loss of assets.
  • Risks associated with the virtual world (system hackings).
  • It does not offer the necessary guarantees of security for the return of the investment.
  • Banks without experience in the sector are uncomfortable when it comes to accepting large amounts of assets from cryptocurrencies.
  • Justification of the gain of patrimony and origin of the funds.

To minimize these risks, the first regulated investment funds in the world are appearing. Vehicles that allow  to invest in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in a conventional way, solving the problems of purchase, custody and justification of the origin of the benefits obtained.

Benefits of investing in a regulated fund

As we mentioned at the beginning, cryptocurrencies have great potential as a financial product. However, all safe financial assets must be regulated. Proper regulation offers the necessary controls that provide users with the peace of mind of knowing that it is a safe investment.

Therefore, a regulated fund offers the guarantee that the vehicle is guarded, audited and under the control of an international public body. This allows to benefit from the following points:

  • Worldwide recognition as a safe product.
  • Application of the Investment Fund conditions.
    • Better taxation
    • It is not taxed until the sale
    • It is not necessary to communicate the holding of cryptocurrencies to the state financial authorities
  • Maintenance of cryptocurrencies without risks.
  • Simple wealth transfer.
  • Entry into the crypto world with volume without risk of theft.
  • Greater return on investment by minimizing the taxes to be paid.
  • Asset management optimization.

Regulated funds in the EU

Currently, Malta is the only country in the EU that integrates cryptocurrencies as a financial product. Thus, under the umbrella of the EU and the European central bank and its economic regulations, the same regulatory and security measures are applied to digital currencies as other financial assets. 

In this way, a fund established in Malta allows investing in cryptocurrencies, just like in any other financial product: through its regulation, creating a framework of integrity, transparency and security for investors.

Regulated fund BTV Fund

BTV Fund is a private open investment vehicle that provides exposure to the EU regulated cryptocurrency market.

The fund has been created under the umbrella of the MFSA (Maltese financial regulator, member of the EU and third country by importance in Europe at a financial level) and with the best possible team trained in all areas in which a fund requires.

With a team of professionals specialized in the management of financial assets and in the development of blockchain technology, BTV Fund gives the opportunity to diversify private capital in a fund regulated by the EU with the best guarantees and transparency.

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