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Investing in the future of payments, safely

Central banks around the world are considering introducing a digital currency

Private and government-backed organizations around the world are beginning to recognize the benefits of a tokenized economy over the current fractional reserve banking system. The Bank of England, the Sveriges Riksbank, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank are among those investigating the potential of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs).

Specifically, the Federal Reserve, which has long said it has no plans to launch a digital currency, plans to build and test a hypothetical design. Fed’s chairman, Jerome Powell, recently gave a warning that «a lot of work» needs to be done before the central bank decides to launch a digital dollar.

Moreover, financial companies and now tech giants, have also joined the change. A recent example is PayPal, which has entered the cryptocurrency market and announced that its customers will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin and other virtual currencies using their accounts.

It is a reveling success for the cryptocurrency sector and its regulation that all the mentioned financial bodies are considering adopting a digital currency as a payment method. An advance that begins to put aside the skepticism created for years about the purpose of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin. However, today, many people still see a risk to invest in such a volatile market. To this, mainly problems associated with the virtual world are added: system hacking, troubles in the purchase, the sale and in the custody of funds.

BTV Fund: investing in a safe ways

Faced with the aforementioned security concerns, the first regulated funds have emerged, such as BTV Fund. An alternative with a structure that mainly reduces risk, while allowing exposure to these attractive returns.

BTV Fund is an investment vehicle created by blockchain developers that allows investing in this technology in the safest way and with all the necessary elements so that the client only has to think about accumulating wealth and diversifying private capital with the best guarantees and all the transparency of a regulated product.

Among its main characteristics, it stands out:

  • Safekeeping of cryptocurrencies without risks.
  • Worldwide recognition as a safe product (audit, ECB, European regulation).
  • Better taxation (It is not taxed until the sale).
  • Simple wealth transfer.
  • Entry to the crypto world with volume without risk of theft.
  • Asset management optimization.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is believing in the potential and the ability to transform conventional forms of payment. The fact that large companies and banks are interested in normalizing and regulating its uses, adds value and propagates belief in people. 

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